with Scott and Angie

The hosts of Cricket Country in the Morning since 1999, Scott and Angie both began their careers at KRKT...and have been unwilling to leave since. (despite repeated requests from management)




Scott started at the radio station in 1995, having walked in off the street, and announced, "I want to learn radio!"  Legendary broadcaster Bill O'Brien, and future hall of famer, Glenn Nobel took Scott under their wings, and gave him the lucrative and glamorous job of weekend board-op.  He quickly found his way to an on-air shift, thanks to his personality and hundreds of character voices.  In his spare time, when he's not on the radio, he enjoys golfing, camping, rooting for the Beavers, and hanging out with Angie's kids (ok, they're his too) 

 Angie's KRKT radio career began in 1997.  She was the sassy (sometimes foul-mouthed) evening host until her bosses said, "You can't say that stuff on the radio."  Having roped her in, she joined Scott on mornings in 1999.  Their on-air chemistry spilled into a 2004 marriage, a son, Lincoln in 2006, a baby girl, Sunny in 2010, and the baby, Anthem made his debut in 2012. 

Angie is currently training for the Portland marathon while she homeschools Lincoln (not at the same time). 

Scott and Angie enjoy using their 100,000 watts of power to get the word out about community events, and really do love meeting KRKT fans in public!  They get that opportunity through various live broadcasts each month, and country music events throughout the year.  You can also run into them at their store, "Downtown Shabby" downtown Albany. 

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