Mid-days with Amy

AmyI spent a lot of time cleaning horse corrals which prepared me for the type of stuff I’d be shoveling out over the air in radio.  I’ve been in radio since 1978 and still haven’t learned my lesson yet (apparently).  I worked for the airlines in Salem and loaded baggage on aircraft before coming to work for this radio station; and these yay-hoos nicknamed me “The Bag Lady”. (I really have NOT learned that lesson!) 

I’m Southern Californian and love surfing!……trying to surf……ok, If I actually stand up I’m doing good.  Cold-Water surfing in Oregon is great but forget about the tan.

In 2005 I met my Helicopter Fire-Boy from Corvallis when he came to my state to help put fires out, but ended up starting one instead.  We had a long-distance cell phone relationship until finally Verizon was pleased to announce we were opting for the family plan.  Between us we have 3 teenage boys who are responsible for my constant state of insanity!

Now instead of 117 degree summers, I live in the land of the rain…(and Nutrias).  Wouldn’t have it any other way!

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